School’s Out for Summer – Keep the Learning Alive!

The backpacks are put away. The lunchboxes are in storage until September. The flip flops are out, ready for the first beach trip of the season. Your child’s brain is quickly shifting into summer mode, but how can we keep the learning alive for the next three months?

It’s important to note that summer school doesn’t have to be an intense, six-hour long math class in a room with no windows. Some of the best summer programs out there provide students with academic, athletic and social enrichment opportunities. Let’s learn a little bit more about why these three core areas are crucial to learning advancements.


Whether you’re a seasoned calculus and algebra pro, or need an extra hand with your long division, summer academic programs are often tailored to the student’s skillset to set them up for success. By keeping the brain alive all summer, parents/guardians and even the students themselves may notice an increase in cognitive development at the start of the new school year.

Academic programs are also a great way to learn about possible careers in various fields, such as math, communications, arts and even fashion design.


To avoid summer boredom and irritation, get up and get moving! Programs that are not fully athletic-based can still leave the child stimulated. The activities do not have to be extremely rigorous, such as an elite soccer camp. Various athletic options at summer programs often include dancing, aerobics or a friendly game of tag.


Regardless of the summer program’s focus, a huge benefit for children is the social interaction it provides. Often times, programs are open to a larger group of students, introducing children to peers they may have not known during the school year.

Through organized activities, children can learn and sharpen their social skills, be more open to trying new things and learn how to respond to new and challenging situations.

With just two and a half months left in the school year, now is a great time to investigate nearby summer programs best suited for your child and his/her needs. 

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