Boston's Bridge to Excellence is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizations.  We are licensed through the Massachusetts Department of Early Education Care.  We work to mentor high-risk youth to help them achieve academic excellence, skills in personal development and a desire to achieve civil engagement.  


Our goal is provide supplemental educational services through enrichment programming to empower youth from economically distressed areas to become leaders of change in their communities.  We start teaching peaceful conflict resolution and empathy to our students at a very young age, allowing them to take these skills into school and the home, where an adult may not be around or may be too busy to help students dissolve situations of bullying and conflict.  Together, we can make a peaceful change in our youth, schools and community.


What happens at home affects our students:

During our summer entrepreneur camp, two of our students (brothers) were taking a lot of food. I noticed that it was continual, so I asked their mom if there was something I could do or some way we could help. She told me she didn’t get her food stamps for a few more days. I spoke to Mr. Rice, our President, and that night he went to stop and shop and purchased $200 worth of food for the family. Do we have that money? No. But we can’t know that children are going without food and not respond.
— Ms. Sophia Bishop-Rice, Program Administrator